EAST [GF500] off grid inverter MPPT Charger 500 watt 24vDC

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EAST off-grid inverter 24vDC 500 Watts output

Aquatooth have one of these setup for our office server.

Running 4x 210 watt polycrystalline 60 cell panels on an adjustable tilt mounting sytem on our roof, via a fused PV combiner. 8 units of 65aH 12 volt Oliter batteries make up the small capacity 260aH battery bank backup [130aH at 50% DOD] A fused battery combiner serves as circuit protection.

Installed 2012-12-22 by our solar crazy boss, Simon!



Simon here to say these work well, so far over 2 years good service.


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SKU: AT2260 specification

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